Jacob Veil was founded with a passion for Haute Horlogerie. Haute Horlogerie refers to the absolute finest of high watchmaking. It's defined by timeless design, craftsmanship, and premium prices; and is affordable for only a small group of people. With a passion for Haute Horlogerie, we envisioned a watch brand that combines iconic watch design with high-end watchmaking at affordable prices. To realize this the company's foundation rests on three pillars: Timeless Design, Craftsmanship, and Affordability.


Everything starts with an idea: sketching, pondering, daring to think differently, drawing bold shapes, discovering new surfaces, and exploring the smallest details until perfection is reached. It took five years from the first sketch to the realization of our first model, the Ark. In the design process, we've worked with a style that blends classic and modern aesthetic. When you look at the design of the Ark you see very few materials are used and everything perfectly blends together, from the steel case to the integrated bracelet. Every detail has been designed to perfection.


Precision is surely the never-ending quest in watchmaking. You can have all the right parts, but a watch is as good as its maker; you need both to create a truly outstanding timepiece. In Jacob Veil watches the best of both worlds meet; high-quality materials and solid craftsmanship perfectly blend together. Each watch is hand-assembled with great precision to ensure every detail's perfect. And every watch undergoes a double quality check before it's shipped. A quality timepiece should last a lifetime.


Avoid all unnecessary costs without compromising quality is the vision of our pricing. In order to realize this, we do not work with third parties, we have no luxury boutiques at expensive locations,  we do not work with brand ambassadors' and tv commercials. We solely focus on the quality of our watches to provide our customers with a truly iconic timepiece that will last a lifetime. In the end, we believe that there's no better ambassador than a satisfied customer.